How to put on compression stockings?

Not sure how to put on compression stockings?
This video explains the best way to put them on…

Don’t let problems run through your veins!

You can help your veins maintain healthy blood circulation. Here are a few tips:

  • Elevate your legs for 15 to 30 minutes every day
  • Get moving! Your veins will thank you
  • Water and more water! Dehydration makes the blood thicker and hinders circulation
  • Treat yourself to a massage to get your circulation going
  • Wear JOBST® compression stockings


Compression therapy aids faulty valves by pushing them back together and by assisting blood return to the heart with the help of the calf muscle.
JOBST® compression stockings offer a perfect combination of comfort, health and style. Whether you need elegant socks for business attire or a warm pair for outdoor activities, JOBST® has the right solution for you. Our entire collection is available in the Products. section.

A poorly fitted stocking can be uncomfortable and will not have the proper therapeutic effect. We recommend a visit to a professional fitter, who will take your measurements and show you how to put the stockings on properly. Our Store Locator is a great way to find a fitter near you.