Fanny Girardin

Member of Quebec’s
snowboard cross team

I'm 23 years old and I'm an athlete on Quebec's snowboard cross team. I started skiing at the age of two in Zermatt, Switzerland and continued until the age of eight.

That was when I borrowed an unused snowboard from a neighbour’s garage.

My first attempt was catastrophic: my dad had to carry me away from the slope on his shoulders. But I was audacious and kept trying. From that day forward, I never returned to skiing. It’s been 15 years since I first discovered my passion for snowboarding, a passion that eventually led me to snowboard cross. Four years ago, after the Sochi Olympics, I competed in a snowboard cross event at Mont Habitant. I’m now part of Quebec’s snowboard cross team, and in the last four years I’ve risen from 237th to 111th in the world. I train rigorously and very frequently and I wear JOBST® legwear to help improve my recovery. My legs feel less heavy and sore, allowing me to perform better.

While following my biggest dream, I’m also studying to become a sports psychologist for a professional sports team. I study and do my snowboard cross training at the same time, and that’s a source of passion for me.

I’m a passionate and determined individual and I believe that the key to success is to see possibility where others see only impossibility.

This is my story!