Ibrahim Zahr

Video producer and director

I am 58 years old and I work as a videographer and director.

Two years ago, I suffered a fall and badly injured my legs. The pain lasted several months and hindered me from performing regular activities such as exercising and standing for long periods.

My profession requires me to travel quite frequently. I had previously noticed that my legs had a tendency to swell while I was travelling but it never really worried me. However, following my injury, the swelling increased while travelling and it would even cause me pain. I felt like it needed the be checked. So I consulted with my family doctor.

When he recommended I wear compression stockings, I wasn’t happy at all. I’d heard so many negative comments about them and I was extremely skeptical. To make matters worse, a friend of mine told me the stockings were unsightly and difficult to put on. I really didn’t want to try the stockings but I was desperately seeking relief.

I ended up buying stockings from JOBST®. What a pleasant surprise! Not only were they comfortable, they really made me feel better. It’s like someone was taking care of my legs while I was busy with other activities. My swelling reduced and the pain was gone. Now I wear JOBST® everyday, and not only while travelling.

This is my story!