Karen Bingham
Primary lymphedema

I grew up in Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador. My father had lymphedema.

He had 10 biological children: all five girls have lymphedema, as do two of the five boys. The list extends to nieces, nephews and cousins. We all started seeing the lymphedema at puberty but we were not given any treatment besides diuretics. We were simply told that it was something we had to live with.

I had extreme pain for decades, to the point that I considered going on disability. When the Internet came out, my family and I finally realized we weren’t the only ones with this illness.

I finally got treatment with compression wrapping and then compression garments. The minute my legs were wrapped, the pain went away. It was amazing! It gave me my life back.

I wore JOBST® FarrowWrap® for a while. My swelling went down quite a bit and now, I’m finally wearing JOBST® Elvarex®, which I very much enjoy.

Most of my family still have not had treatment, although my two brothers in Alberta have seen a lot of improvement with the JOBST® FarrowWrap® garments.

I now work full time as a real estate agent and I go to the gym six days a week for kickboxing and weight training.

I started the Lymphedema Association of Nova Scotia (LANS), for which I organize fundraisers. I also volunteer for local charities and care for a woman with physical and mental disabilities who has lived with us for 16 years.

My life has completely changed in just a few years, all thanks to compression therapy.

This is my story!