Marie-Josée Samson
Mother of two young children

I'm 43, a mother of two young kids and I've dealt with vein-related problems for several years now.

My grandmother and mother also suffered from vein issues. My grandmother had large, swollen blue veins on her legs and my mother often came home from appointments with the phlebologist with bandages on her legs. I found it a rather funny sight. But my mother warned me that venous insufficiency was genetic and that I was also at risk. Judging by my varicose veins, she was right!

It’s now been over 10 years since I started wearing JOBST® compression stockings to prevent my condition from deteriorating and to maintain good leg health. The compression helps me get through busy days without having to worry about my legs, which now feel less heavy and swollen. I work an office job, take my kids to sports practice and take care of household chores while wearing my effective and stylish compression stockings.

I also put on my JOBST® compression legwear for my own sports activities and during training for half-marathons. As a result, my legs recover much better.

I see the stockings as part of my wardrobe and I don’t hesitate to wear them to keep my legs healthy and beautiful looking.

This is my story!