Stephen Cheeseman
Primary lymphedema

I am 14 years old and I was born in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia.

I am currently in Grade 8 at New Germany Rural High School in New Germany, NS.

My parents and other family members were quite certain that I was born with lymphedema because I have a number of relatives who are affected by this condition. Unfortunately, lymphedema is not very well known in the area where I live. It was only at the age of eight years that I finally got my diagnosis.

I was seen by a specialist at the IWK Health Centre in regard to the swelling and I was told to wear a compression garment. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond my family’s control, I was no longer able to wear compression garments at age 10 as they were quite expensive and we couldn’t afford them.

My legs constantly felt tired and I couldn’t travel or participate in many sports. Running was difficult too. To top it all, many of my school friends made fun of me for several years due to the size of my legs and my inability to take part in regular activities like them.

I recently started wearing JOBST® Elvarex® knee-high garments and I’m so excited about them. They fit perfectly, I like the colour and I’ve noticed a difference in the general feeling in my legs. I’m also capable of doing more physical activities now.

This is my story!