Let’s talk about occupational leg swelling

Are you a pharmacist, hairdresser, construction worker, flight attendant, chef or teacher? Do you spend most of your workday standing?

Conversely, does your profession require you to stay seated for prolonged periods of time?

In both cases, do you get home at the end of your workday only to find that your legs are painful and swollen?

Where does the swelling come from?

Your feet and legs swell when fluid builds up in the space between the cells of your body. There are many reasons this can happen, some quite serious and many minor. Swollen legs at the end of a workday are the result of a physiological phenomenon. It is caused by fluid leaking from the venules because of a steadily increased venous pressure in the lower regions of the body, and so, due to gravity. Evening edema of the legs often occurs after lengthy periods of sitting or standing.

How can compression therapy help?

Compression therapy aids faulty valves by pushing them back together, assisting them in returning blood to the heart with the help of the calf muscle.
Calf-length compression stockings with a pressure range between 11 and 21 mmHg are able to reduce or totally prevent evening edema and may therefore be recommended for people with a profession connected with long periods of sitting or standing.1

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Always remember that a poorly fitted stocking can be uncomfortable and won’t provide the proper therapeutic effect. We recommend that you visit a fitter to get your measurements taken and to learn techniques for putting the stockings on. Our Store Locator is a great tool for finding the fitter nearest you.

1. Partsch H, Winiger J, Lun B. Compression stockings reduce occupational leg swelling. Dermatol Surg 2004;30:737-743.