Compression socks for every profession!

On your feet all day?

If you’re a teacher, hairdresser, pharmacist, server or cashier, gravity is definitely not on your side.

When you stand all day, gravity hinders proper circulation. This is compounded if you have to stay in the same place most of the time. After a long day, you probably come home feeling like your legs weigh a ton.

If that’s the case, try sitting down and elevating your legs for a few minutes to counter the effects of gravity. You can also try wearing compression socks. They’re great for promoting good circulation in your legs.

Sitting all day affects your veins too!

Spending extended periods of time sitting means that you’re probably inactive for a good part of the day. Lack of activity can have a negative impact on your veins and cause swelling, pain or a heavy feeling in your legs.
Get up from your desk every hour and spend a few minutes walking around. This will activate your calf muscle pump, which in turn stimulates blood flow.

A compression sock for every profession!

A study has found that calf compression stockings that exert 11 to 21 mmHg of pressure successfully reduce or prevent nighttime swelling, making them advisable for people whose jobs involve long periods of time spent sitting or standing.1

JOBST® compression socks offer the perfect combination of comfort, health benefits and style. Whether you’re looking for elegant stockings to wear to a business meeting or something more comfortable for working in the field or on the floor, JOBST® has what you’re looking for!

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