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Compression stockings help reduce occupational leg swelling

The experience of legs that swell at the end of a working day is the result of a physiologic phenomenon. It is caused by extravasation of fluid from the venules because of a steadily increased venous pressure in the dependent regions of the body, and so, due to gravity. Evening edema of the legs often occurs after sitting and standing.

Calf-length compression stockings with a pressure range between 11 and 21mmHg are able to reduce or totally prevent evening edema and may therefore be recommended for people with a profession connected with long periods of sitting or standing.1

As a consequence, the protection of this type of leg edema by wearing adequate medical compression stockings is advisable not only to improve symptoms of heaviness and tiredness, but also to counteract potential clinical hazards of persistent edema and thrombotic events.

1Partsch H, Winiger J, Lun B. Compression stockings reduce occupational leg swelling. Dermatol Surg 2004;30:737-743.


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